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Welcome to the Tavern on the Scar!

Note: All text that is in italics is me, the DM, talking to you, the players. This will be logistical stuff and non-role playing info about our game

Please Note:

This campaign will make extensive use of published adventures. Although many of them will undergo modification to tie them into a coherent story, you could reveal many plot twists and encounter details by carelessly reading the wrong material. Please let me know if you have or intend to read any modules or Dungeon Magazine articles, and I’ll steer you away from any spoilers.

Player Background:

It is up to you all to have some sort of a backstory. I will tell you that you all are “fresh” adventures (this is all new to you ) and have recently moved out on your own to try and make your way adventuring. You live in the Inn right now and out side of the owner and the bar staff the only other people you really know, and not that well really, is the group you went on your last adventure with.

You spend most of your time hanging out in the Inn talking and looking for “work”. Your gear is always fully packed and stocked so you can leave on a job as soon as you get it.

now it is up to you. write up a few words (100ish) about your backstory and the kind of person you are and add it to the player page I have set up in the wiki.

Also know that we will be playing an Essentials game so we will be sticking to the D&D Essentials books that are out and not use info from the Players Handbook unless we add it later

Please decide between yourselves who will be the “Lore Master” of the group. This person will take notes and update the Adventure Log section after each play session.

We are looking to have fun! If you have any questions or ideas please let me know through email or the forums on this site

The are of the world that you know about:
What players know1

Tavern of the Scar

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