Tavern of the Scar

Battle at Kiris Creek
And so our adventures begin...

While waiting for more work waiting around the Nentir Inn, we were approached by an elderly man. He had received a note from and old friend who needed assistance. We had to travel a half-day west from Fallcrest to Kiris tower on the other side of a large stream.

Just as we approached the stream we were attacked by several large wolves. Quiznar and Bitt fought off the wolves while Crisa blasted several at once. Quiznar’s hammer made a deep impression on the wolves, and Bitt kept the wolves off-balance as they died. Crisa was overwhelmed and nearly died, but was restored to the fight by Benn. The remaining wolves nearly dragged Crisa and Benn away before the end of the fight.

Once at the tower we learned that the lord of the tower, Lord Kiris, is the last descendent of the family that founded the village of Kiris Dhan, now called Gorizbadd by the Orcs. The village was built by Teiflings, and later overrun by Goblins after the village’s eight, magic defensive, slaying stones stopped working. Treona, Lord Kiris’ companion, wants us to retrieve a possible ninth slaying stone still in the village and to also look for several books while in the village.

Treona believes that the ninth stone may be in one of three buildings in Kiris Dhan…

  • The Goblin Mansion
  • The Kindling Supply
  • The houses of Revel

To help us on our travel we were each given a poultice for use overnight that will endow the user with 10 temporary hit points. We were also given 25 gold to help equip ourselves, and three scrolls to help locate the last stone. It’s suggested that we use a scroll in the center of the building suspected to house the stone for the best results.

Lastly, we were warned that others may be looking for the ninth stone. Specifically a group of Orc mercenaries, The Severed Eye, led by the Orc Vohx have been hired by someone to find the stone in order to possibly make more for their own nefarious reasons.


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