meeting in the tavern

Nentir Inn

You all have returned safely from your last adventure and are drinking in your favorite new tavern.

Description of the Inn

A fine new building constructed of fieldstone and strong timber, the Nentir Inn stands on the west bank of the river. Merchants from Winterhaven or Hammerfast make up the clientele, along with traverlers who happen to be passing through. A good room with two single beds goes for 5 sp per night. The Nentir Inn also boasts a lively taproom, which is popular with the folk who live in the vales on the west bank of the river.

The proprietor is a charming half-elf named Erandil Zemoar who showed up in Fallcrest one day about two years before (Year -2), bought land and built an Inn.

Images of the INN:


First Floor:
Nentirinsides 1

Second Floor:
Nentirinsides 2

meeting in the tavern

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